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Hummer Goes to South Africa


Here’s a newsbit over at going over the Hummer H3 being made available to South Africa. Check the quote below and visit the link for the full story:

The Hummer brand is new to the South African market and is a trendy must-have to many people, Smith says. The vehicle, which is ideal for off-road and outdoor enthusiasts, has stirred interest in people from all walks of life and the orders were received from a varied range of customers.” Pricing details are not yet available, but industry analysts say the monster SUV could sell for about R500000. The company says prices will be announced in a week’s time.

Last year General Motors SA started production of the left-hand-drive Hummer H3, and to date has exported vehicles to the Middle East and Europe. Smith said production of both left-hand and right-hand-drive will run on the same line. A total of 10000 Hummers will be produced a year, with three months’ production supply committed to South African customers (about 2500).

The H3 will be available as a 3,7l, 20-valve, five-cylinder vehicle. A diesel derivative will follow later in the year.

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