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I’m sorry, but this is just hilarious. They call it the Green Hummer Project and it’s basically some bicycle tires on a light frame with some plywood panels for sides.


Here’s a quote from the site:

There are no black tinted windows to hide us from view. No air conditioning to further isolate us from the outside. No gas tank to fill and fill and fill. No greenhouse gasses pouring from the exhaust pipe. No frustration, no yelling, no honking, no road rage. No clocks to set, no alarm to annoy, no menus to scroll through. No video game system, DVD player, or GPS system. No “we own the road”, “get out of our way”, “don’t slow us down” mentality.

When we ride the Green Hummer, we become part of our city. We have no illusions of flying through an empty city, devoid of traffic, parking problems, pedestrians, or street life like the drivers in television commercials. We expect people to talk to us. People ask questions, tourists ask for directions, traffic goes slower than we can pedal. We accept and expect little delays, and it’s okay. We don’t look for confrontations; we enjoy ourselves in our vehicle.

And they end it with “Our SUV is for the real world.” … Cmoooon.. I applaud their work and efforts but it is no way a realistic mode of transportation nor is it even thought provoking beyond the point of being silly as it’s so non-feasible.

- Check out some videos here.
- Check out the construction shots here.
- Check out the guys and gals that work on the project here.

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